About us

The OKA brand

The OKA product line was created from a passion for the beauty of natural wood and the desire to combine tradition and innovation in interior decoration.

OKA means passion, reliability, and over twenty five years of experience in a stylish form appreciated by countless consumers throughout the world.

Our offer includes an extensive spectrum of interior doors made of solid pine, alder, and oak wood in their natural colours as well as painted, whitewashed, and patinated.

In our desire to meet the demands and expectations of our clients, we are continuing to expand and improve our product offer.

Objectives and values

Our designers have helped us develop a modular system, which allows for easy replacement or change of a single element without the need to replace the whole door leaf.

Our technological process is based on an innovative and continuously expanded machinery park, which keeps raising our production capacity.

Encouraged by the positive opinions of our previous clients and the considerable interest in our offer at the BUDMA 2016 dair, we decided to open a branch in Poland.

We encourage you to see our offer.


Production process

The production stages of our products are presented below.
We make top quality doors according to the newest standards.

Stage I

The production process begins with cutting down, skidding and delivery of the selected wood with the use of own equipment.

Stage II

The log is sorted by diameter and then sawn.

Stage III

The prepared material is subjected to a drying process according to strictly defined parameters. Owing to the use of high-class SECAL drying kilns guaranteeing uniform drying, the finished product does not crack during use.

Stage IV

After the end of the drying cycle, the board is treated by removing any defects in the wood, including knots and resin pockets. Laths of strictly defined sizes are cut out from the board with numerical optimising saws.

Stage V

Leaves and frames are hot glued. The final product is more resistant to impact and static loads. In addition, during its operation, it retains its dimensions and geometrical properties.

Stage VI

After gluing, the prefabricated wood is subjected to sanding and calibration.

Stage VII

Individual components of the door are painted separately before completing the finished product. A durable and safe for health lacquer that provides the door with reliable protection against the effects of external conditions is used for finishing.

Stage VIII

Door leaves are mounted without adhesive, using long compression screws. Thanks to this solution, there is no risk of drying up of the leaf due to humidity changes. In addition, the solution applied allows, if necessary, for easy replacement of the part damaged during the operation by disassembling the leaf components and replacing the part with a new one.

Stage IX

The Client receives the ready and complete order.

Diagram of the door

Selected arrangements

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